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Dog Grooming in Galway City

All our grooms consist of a hair cut, nails clipped, ears cleaned & ear hairs plucked, anal glands expressed, a wash with shampoo and conditioner and a spritz of cologne to top it all off!.

The price list is only a guideline, and prices may vary depending on several contributing factors. e.g. the size of the dog, the coat condition, and behavior. these factors all add to how long it takes to groom your dog properly, safely and kindly. We WILL NEVER  rush a dog through the grooming process.

Each dog is assessed on an individual basis and prices are adjusted accordingly. Please be aware that if your dog is over-due for a grooming appointment, and/or has a matted coat, they will take longer to groom, therefore you may be charged more than the price stated on the price guide or quoted prices over the phone without seeing the dog!

  • Tiny €15-35
  • Small €20-40
  • Medium €30-50
  • Large €45-65
  • X-Large €55-75

More Information

Upon meeting your dog, I will carry out an inspection and you will be advised of any additional treatment or charge which will be incurred.

All coat clippings will be carried out to the breed-standard. Should you require any additional / special styling, please advise me of this upon arrival. 

I will always put the health and well-being of your dog first, and will make any treatment recommendations which may be needed to keep your dog happy and healthy.

Owners accept full responsibility for ensuring their dog has up-to-date vaccinations, up-to date flea &  tick treatment and that any health problems are brought to the my attention upon arrival.

Jimmy Kennedy is a dog groomer at Hounddog Grooming


Another dog fanatic and lover of the canine race. In 2013 Jimmy trained as a dog groomer with John Madden of “The Dog Company” in Galway. He worked as the in house dog groomer at Moycullen Veterinary Clinic for almost two years before opening Hound Dog Dog Grooming. He is highly trained in grooming a vast array with dogs ensures top quality grooming.

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